Welcome to the virtual museum of chocolate wrappers!

Everybody remembers the taste, the shape of chocolate, but do we remember the wrappers? No, it's only a small sheet of paper, which we throw into the bin. Nothing more.
But... There is something to this small piece of paper. Maybe shape, maybe painting, sometimes material...
We have a lot of wrappers, many of them are very old, and very rare these days. As you can see, our museum contains wrappers even from the 70s!
The collection was started in that time, more than 30 years ago, and it is continued through the second generation. Although this collection was in oblivion for years (almost 20...), now it is coming back to life.
Right now you can see here almost one thousand wrappers, all of them are unique. We hope, our collection will grow.
Of course, all presented wrappers exist in "real museum" hidden in a few boxes at home :)
Also, we have many wrappers to exchange. If you want to exchange your wrappers with us, or you found the wrapper, which you are looking for, write to us!
The wrappers are organized in alphabetic order by the producers' names.
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